Thursday, May 17, 2007

Shut up, I will write when I am good and ready. Quit nagging me.


So I am closing in on week three at my new station. I don’t feel 100% comfortable yet. That is because I don’t know everything yet. I loved where I was but hello, money talks. In the last few months at my old place I was getting kind of well, relaxed. I didn’t really have a supervisor so I took advantage of that. I mean I did all of my work, reports and responsibilities but I really didn’t exert myself to look for anything else that needed to be done. I also knew that my boss had full intentions to bring me along to the new place. That in itself was such a huge honor that I felt disloyal to put my 100% in my current situation. Needless to say I got all of my bills paid online, all of my blogs read, organized the girls’ schedules, and planned my evening meals which included shopping lists.

Now, I am WORKING!!! I have so much to do. I responsible for the accounting for all newsroom finances. I must budget accordingly, code and organize incoming bills and follow up on missing data. I am also responsible for timekeeping, time cards and scheduling for newsroom staff. On top of this I assist with the assignment desk, answer phones, listen to scanners, follow up on police calls, put media alerts in future files and make calls backs. But wait, there is more, I am also the News Directors assistant. I organize hiring packets, interviews, and reference checks. And whatever else he needs me to do. Whew. This is work. The day goes pretty fast.


On another note, I think Jordan should win, I don’t believe that Melinda was actually 29 and I think Blake is very entertaining. Melinda is a great singer; she didn’t need Idol to get a record contract she needed the show to get noticed. Look at Chris Doughty, He was the best last year and came in 4th. His albums have way surpassed Stupid Tyler Hicks and Katherine Mcfee. And another Top Model is over with Jasline winning. Jeff and I liked her even though she was way too skinny.


Jeff and I decided last night that we are cows. We are extremely large and gross. We can barely look at each other without puking. He wants to get surgery which I think is ridiculous, we can do this on our own. We just need to put our minds to it. He will lose 20 pounds in a month if he stopped drinking sodas. It is all he drinks beside those Rock Star energy drinks which are probably doing a number on his kidneys. Me, I have no excuse beside laziness. My new place has a gym AND showers already in the place!!!! I can do 10 minutes at lunch and work out on the days that Jeff is off and I don’t have to run and get the kids. It is pathetic.


Nicole and I met up last night so she can try on wedding dresses. We went to David’s Bridal and were literally held hostage and could not leave. We had to practically sneak out to escape. We went in with full intentions to only see the $99 dresses and nothing else. How we ended up with Nicole in a $700 dress escapes me. It was friggin gorgeous though! She looked spectacular. I don’t know how I will get through this wedding without hyperventilating and throwing myself on her as she walks down the aisle. I have waited 15 years for this wench to get hitched.  I am a bridesmaid and the girls are flower girls. It should be beautiful if I can get myself from Cow to maybe a filly. I am starting in June. Why not May? Because I don’t want to. Shut up.


linda7377 said...

I love the way you write but I always want more, more, more.  You had a fantastic talent for writing in the most interesting way. I love it.

unwoundrodeo said...

Are you telling your mother to shut up??? Be nice to her. I'll start trying to have a healthier lifestyle in June too. I'll pray for you to have success! I love you.