Saturday, May 26, 2007

I went out.. ON A FRIDAY NIGHT!!!

It has been a least 20 something years since the last time I went out on a Friday night. It is really very exhilarating. Abbe text me yesterday at about 9 AM and asked me to go see Danny Gans with her.


Me and Abbe (camera phone pics)    Danny Gans from where we sat

Danny Gans is this generations Rich Little. He does impressions and sings. He has his own theater in The MIrage and it was completely sold out last night very impressive. I had a blast. We had a blast.

Abbe holding on the Mermaid's boobs

We are very old. We were home by 10:00PM And that was fine. It is Memorial Day weekend and Jeff has the next two days off too. We did nothing today but chill and eat Chinese take out. Jeff did some work on the backyard and we will do more tomorrow but it sure was nice actually doing NOTHING.

When we went to Shrek last week I tool some pictures of the girls in front of their displays.

In front of the Silver Surfer for The Fantastic Four

The Simpsons

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amyjonhall said...

I LOVE the Simpson's statues. How cute!