Sunday, April 22, 2007

Such a wonderful weekend!!

This weekend was just perfect! Yesterday my mom and I and the girls woke up early to hit some garage sales at a community that has them all on one day. We then went to the Earth Day fair which was amazing. They must have had over 100 vendors giving away some cool Earth stuff. We got tons of stuff! We also met up with Abbe and her family and her cool friend, Sue and comsquated on the grass and just chilled until the girls finished crafts that they were doing. It was one of the best times I have ever had just "chilling" out. The weather could not have been more perfect for us. After that we went to Alyssa's school Luau. We go every year. They have a ton of games and food, and auction. The girls had a blast. And TODAY!!!! Abbe organized a surprise party for me to congratulate me for getting my new job!! I was shocked to say the least! I have never been surprised before. Many have tried but they have all failed!! I was blown away. It was so wonderful. I wished Jeff would have made me put on makeup but other than that it was great. Jeff knew all about it. And looking back at all the clues I may have figured out something was up but I never suspected anything!!! Pictures are on the left under wonderful weekend.


jillypie1970 said...

I am thrilled that you had such a great weekend!

And tell Jacki the Gorgeous that I said hello!

loraloo0604 said...

WOW, you really did have a fabulous weekend.  Pretty slick to pull off a surprise party, I'm glad you had such a great time.  That sure looks like Jackie B. (I won't put her whole last name as I remember out here on the internet).  Is it?  How cool she's one of Alyssa's teachers.  

linda7377 said...

If Jeff told you to put make-up on you definitely would have suspected something because you are too smart and you figure out everything. It was perfect and you looked perfect. I loved the weekend also. You have fantabulous friends... always did always will.

Love, mom

bc510 said...

What's your job title at your new job, or your old job? I (your Cousin Bob) lost track of what you were doing, so fill me in and the other 668 people who have been to your blog. Sorry the girls didn't get to meet their cousin Sadie from Brooklyn when she visited LA with her parents Dave and Cyndi. Maybe next time out west.