Friday, March 30, 2007

My birthday week

It was my 37th birthday this week. (pics to the left) It has literally lasted all week which is good cuz it started rocky. It actually started last Friday when my parents took us to Claim Jumper to celebrate. I came home to roses from my brother. On Sunday Jeff was actually off and we did a LOT of work to the front of the house. We planted and cut and raked and burned, etc.. We were sore the next day which was Monday... my birthday. I was all giddy because lets face it, I love me some birthday. I love it more when my husband and kids remember. Which they didn't. They didn't say a word to me. And far be it for me to remind them. I was really hurt. So I left for work and saw that my mom had left me my card at the door and a $30 Home Depot gift certificate. I called her and told her I was bummed and what had happened. Coincidentally enough, Jeff called me a few minutes later but being the big freak I am, I didn't answer. I got to work and saw that my coworkers had decorated my desk. It was wonderful!! They also gave me gifts! I love gifts. Jeff kept calling and "Claimed" that he told me happy birthday but i ignored him. That's right honey, blame me. AND that doesn't even make sense!!! I ignored him? How about I didn't hear him??? Repeat dipwad. Anyway, yadda yadda yadda a basket of cookies arrives a few hours later. Friends took me to the Naked Fish to have sushi which was divine and I went home to make dinner and clean up. ON MY BIRTHDAY. Whatever. On Wednesday night a bunch of us with birthdays in March celebrated at Chuck E Cheese. Where my friend Jen bought us all cake and bought me the DVD "Little MIss Sunshine". I also got to stare at THIS GUY all night because he is the cousin of a co worker. Jeff said I was staring too hard and maybe even drooling a bit. But I think Jeff was giddy too because he is a UFC fan. On Thursday another co worker took me to lunch. And apparently my sister in law, LeAnn is my aunt too because she sent me a twenty dollar bill. Something one of my relatives would have done. And today I came home to find Drowsy doll paper dolls from my friend, Jill. SWEET!! Unfortunately Abbe and I tried to have a night out twice but both times were canceled. Once by me and once by her. I want our night out so bad!! We plan on going shopping WITHOUT KIDS and have a nice dinner WITHOUT KIDS. It will be scrumptious when it happens. If I left anyone out I am sorry. I had a very nice week. Up until the moment when Samra bolted out the door only to return an hour later scared like a bunny. I dislike that freakin dog.

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lbgintex said...

Okay, I can LeAnn be both your SIL and your Aunt????  Am I missing something here?
Oh, and don't forget your "pedicure"!!!  Was that not fun?  A few weeks early, but still?????
Love you muchos!!!!