Thursday, February 8, 2007

You can fit three Sandy Duncan's in one me

Sandy Duncan came to the station today to promote a play she is in. My camera phone makes me look like a house. I am much cuter in person. She is very tiny and very nice. What wise words did I say to her?? "I loved you in the Cat From Outer Space." I am something short of an idiot. A big large house idiot. I bet she never says stupid things the the celebs she meets.

Last Friday I went for Chinese food. In my fortune cookie my fortune read, "A pleasant surpirise will happen this week." Assuming it was Sandy, I gave the fortune to my boss. I am not even sure if fortunes are transferable.  Emma wants to know why her fortunes always say "You will be a good girl and you will clean your room." When that kid starts to read she is going to be way mad at me.

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randlprysock said...

Cyndi, you are too funny with that line about transferable fortunes.  Exciting to meet such a famous celebrity!!  What a memorable day and so glad you got your photo with her!  Hugs,