Thursday, January 18, 2007

She completes me.

Well, guess what? The little strung out crack whore kitty came crawling home last night, cold, hungry and just seeking a little “lovins.”  Well I can’t really say all that for sure. Minnie left on Saturday. Yesterday I had put very detailed, color missing signs up in my neighborhood. Coincidence that she came home last night?? No, someone must have taken her in their house since it has been 27 friggin degrees outside and when they saw my signs they realized she belonged to someone. That is what we think happened. But Hello??? Call me! Don’t just boot her out as if she had been whorin the streets this whole time. Anyway. She came home, scarfed a can of tuna down and slept in the guest room the whole night. Alone? No because my big queer, big bear of a husband insisted that he sleep with her so she would know that she was missed. That is right, Jeff spooned with Minnie last night while I slept alone in our bed. Spooning with a cat under the age of one may be illegal in 15 states. .Today he is getting a cat breakaway collar and an ID tag. Just in case she has a few friends / johns she needs to hook up with.

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jillypie1970 said...

You are seriously a literary genius.  Your writing absolutely KILLS me.