Friday, January 19, 2007

Scrubs was a friggin masterpiece last night. And as dorky as it sounds , just as good as the Buffy musical episode. I know, Jeff and I are most special. The best song? Guy love. Although the poop song was great too. I think it is hilarious that JD calls Turk "Chocolate Bear" because I call Jeff a big bear all the time. But for completely different reasons. I called him bear out loud in our old house so the fat little gay man next store would think I was a beard for Jeff's gayness and would mow our lawn and sweep our driveway to get Jeff's attention.

For my confused homosexual challeneged readers: A beard is someone who acts like a wife/ girlfriend - husband/ boyfriend so the gay person can lives the way society expects him to live. A bear is a big hairy, burly man who is gay but is not flamboyant in the least.  See here.

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linda7377 said...

Are you trying to reveal something????? Very confused .... as usual.