Friday, January 5, 2007

Project Samra “Sami” Queen of the Nile Tatum is going remarkably well. She sits, stays, lies down, and goes through the doggie door to go to the bathroom. She is super smart. Spooky is playing the alpha dog role with amusement from us. That dog has never so much bared his teeth and to hear him growl at this goofy. Wiry, jumping thing is very funny.  Sami just jumps over him which confuses and angers him. Minnie on the other hand stares at her and mutters under her tuna breath. All the while flipping up her middle claw.

So a Pharaoh Hound is only red or tan. We are confused. It looks like a duck, acts like a duck, etc… But she is black as night. Jeff takes her to the vet on Monday to get her spay stitches out. I wish there was some sort of doggie DNA testing we could do to get the actual breed

Above is a picture of a real Pharaoh Hound and a picture of Samra




lbgintex said...

Well, you did say you found her at the pound....maybe that's because she is black??? Ya think?  She really does look like a Pharaoh Hound.. Was she a stray or did someone bring her in?

randlprysock said...

Love the name of the dog!!!  Hugs,