Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm a weiner

Thanks to mom with the baby sitting , Jeff and I had two weekends in a row of date night! How exciting is that? We have met our quota of alone time for the year in the first month.

This weekend was a Safari Club International banquet. Bass Pro Shops had a table and Jeff and I were invited. For Jeff, it was a chance to hand out a few business cards. For me it was a chance to get rip roarin drunk off of free Bay Breeze Cocktails and “talk” to his boss. I had this huge plan to shake him by the shoulders and ask him what was wrong with him. Didn't he know what a good guy my husband was and why is he jacking him around? My other plan was to get him to come on to me and have Jeff get really angry and threaten to kill him unless he got a $40,000 raise and a promotion. Ya well, Mama doesn't get hit on too much anymore and the possibility of that ever happening was slim to none.. It could have happened when I was cute and young and wore hats.

Regardless, I had a lot of fun. These people were LOADED!! I guess you would have to be to go on Safari’s on other continents. They had a live auction with a real auctioneer, a silent auction and several drawings. One was a drawing with the admission ticket. A drawing which I won!!! I won a Ruger Black Powder M&& rifle!!!! Jeff couldn't believe it!! Since it was black powder I didn't need an FFL so I took that puppy home right away. I was proud. Proud, drunk and carrying a gun. Well well, ain't that America? But seriously, I have no intention of using it and plan on giving it to Jeff who has already placed it in his gun cabinet. That was my weekend.


We also sat in 40 degree weather on Fridaylistening to Emma’s kindergarten class sing winter songs on Friday night but I didn’t win anything that night, except  frostbite in my butt.

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lbgintex said...

See there, you are a REAL TEXAN and you didn't even know it!  So, when are you moving????