Tuesday, January 2, 2007

5 things that happened to our family this year

  1. We moved. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. It is stressful and scary. (we still haven’t unpacked all the way
  2. Traveling half way across country. With two kids under ten in a mini van. We actually had a blast and had more fun once we reached our destination.
  3. Emma started Kindergarten. Hello??? My baby starts school?
  4. Otis Died. Ten years of dedicated service.
  5. Jeff and I think of the new business. This may impact our entire life. I hope it does in a positive light.


Yesterday was spent getting Jeff’s mailers together. This is it. Here we go. We are hoping that the business phone rings with someone other than a collect call from the Clark County Jail.  

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randlprysock said...

Wow, you guys had the kinda year last year we are having this year.  Hang in there... business will come... just market like crazy and always have a second job on the side to get you through the bumps, humps and everything inbetween.  Hugs,
Happy New Year,
Kentucky is awesome so far,