Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The picture is of my brothers view from his apartment window. It is the Empire State building. His new Apartment is on 34th and Broadway. The same path of the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Did he watch it? No, I woke him up at noon his time. He missed the whole thing. My kids however had to watch it on tv with a million and two commercials. Nice.

So we have made the plans to go back to Texas next year. We are going in March this time. I am very excited. It is a nice trip. Jeff and I travel very well together. I read the maps and he drives. I never drive. Ever. I fell asleep once. ONCE in 13 years. And now I don't get to drive. I didn't even realize I was so tired until I got behind the wheel. Well anyway. No driving for Cyndi.

First we have to get through Christmas. My brother and his wife come in on the 14th then they leave for Laguna. They meaning parents, bro and wife and Alyssa and Emma. And then I go and then Jeff. It will be the first time I will be with my brother at Christmas in about 15 years. That is crazy!  Anyway. We have all that then we have to wait patiently for January to get over so we can do our taxes, pay off our cards and make all the arrangements for the trip. Hopefully Jeff's biz will have taken off so we can bring in some extra money. That would be nice. His first customer wants to wait until the new year to do his appraisal. That bums me out a little but I understand. I am an Aries, I need things now now now.

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randlprysock said...

Wow I would like to have that apartment view!!  The trip to Texas sounds so exciting!!  We had a great time seeing my sister in KY and are looking forward to Xmas with her this year when we move in and have somewhere to save money and to hold out to build our log cabin.  We may kill eachother before it's over though.  LOL.  That is awesome you have a side biz.  We have one too.  Never a dull moment with those.  Hugs,