Thursday, October 12, 2006

what is up

I am going to tell you what one of our big projects is. On of the two I have been speaking about. Jeff is starting his own business! He is not quitting his job. No way by any means is that happening. He just wants to do this on the side. It will be a gun appraisal company. He has been doing gun appraisals for over 15 years. Always for other companies. It is time that he took his research and knowledge and used it for his own benefit. We are going through the licensing process and have already completed 2 out of three steps. We hope to be up and running by November. I am trying to get his business cards in order. My brother made this AMAZING logo for us.  I am telling you all of this because there will be a time in the near future where I am bitching and complaining about Jeff not spending time with the family. So just be aware of my groaning.

I got a condolence card from my vet in the mail yesterday. It was handwritten and very sweet.  Jeff and I are talking about dogs we would want. We won’t get one until after the New Year since we are going to Laguna for Christmas. It is hard. Spooky is getting older and he can’t jump on the bed anymore. He is a lot peppier since we take him for walks every night and today he is getting groomed. Nothing like an old fashioned butt squeezing to get your puppy back.


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