Monday, October 2, 2006

well, this sucks rocks

These school shooting are scaring the crap out of me. We have guns, I grew up around guns. So did Jeff. Jeff has taught the girls the proper use of guns, that you don’t play with them and if you want to see them, ask him. The same way I was taught. It kills me that I can teach my girls the proper etiquette around guns and some asshole will run into a school and God Forbid, blow them away. The same goes for driving drunk. I will tell the girls over and over to never get into a car with someone who was drinking or to call me when you can’t drive and again some asshole driving drunk will run into them. God forbid.

It is not fair. You raise these kids, give them band aids when they fall, take care of them when they are sick, teach them about life, fall in love with them and some jerk off takes it all away from you in a single moment. It breaks my heart.

Here is a note to the next guy to take hostages and blow people away before killing himself. Skip the middle men and just kill yourself. No big loss.

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loraloo0604 said...

I have some reading to catch up on here!

Remember the days that kids settled their differences in the parking lot after school - with their fists?  It was so dramatic.  I wish we could raise our kids in simpler times.

As far as some dumbass gun-toting adult; I agree.  Just do us all a favor and take yourself out, alone.