Tuesday, October 24, 2006

So I thought that I should fill you in on what we did on our weekend.

 Mom and I took the tots to Pumpkin land to buy overpriced pumpkins, ride a train made of barrels, jump in a jumpy house that is not completely inflated and pet a 700 lb pig. The pictures are to the left.

We then went to Mervyns and purchased every pillow they were selling. I also scored my entire guest room décor for about $25. They were having this killer 75% off sale. I usually don’t like going into Mervyns because their building is stuffy and hot. But despite the uncomfortableness, two pillows for $6.99 are a great deal.

Yadda Yadda Yadda, then to Sunday. Which I like to call:

Tatum Togetherness Time.

We went to lunch at a place that shall remain nameless because they were very nice and comped our meal despite what I am about to tell you. We ordered our food and began eating the way we Tatum’s do, so quick and fast that I swear to you I once bit my finger while eating a French fry  thinking that it too, was a potato.

Anyway, Jeff was wolfing down his fried crawfish when something “not right” was also breaded and deep fried. A nut and bolt. That is right, a nut and bolt was breaded and deep fried and laying there amongst the catfish, crawfish and ettoufee. I went to get the manager and being the neurotic sap I am, began to worry that they would think this was a scam we pulled to get free meals. We were going to IHOP next to find a toe in the Funnel Cakes. The manager came over and inspected the bolt. To say he was sorry would be an understatement. He just about offered to wash our car and give Jeff a pedicure. He was THAT sorry. But he comped our meal and thanked us for being so low key and cool about it. Our waiter came up to us and whispered, “What did you find because they are not telling us.” Jeff told him and he was visually horrified. But it’s all good. We went to Target and spent the money we saved on lunch.

We are working hard o clean up the backyard. My parents had a spa and gazebo on one side and a collection of broken coolers on the other. Not to mention the 500 sticks of bamboo, 300 golf balls, 56 rubber balls, and broken lawn chairs that were “too good to toss.”

Well, we tossed everything. We started months ago not realizing how much wood was involved in a 22 year old gazebo. We still have sections of it we have to toss. But everything else? Gone, gone, gone. We had put a 1912 push lawn mower out for the garbage and it was gone in 15 minutes. It didn’t even push anymore it was so rusted up. But someone in my neighborhood was watching our every move and it was gone before the trash man came. We purchased a fire pit for the backyard which is yummy beyond words. We love it. So did Emma who felt the need to do the dance of the 5 year old. Apparently that dance involves standing on our glider and belly flopping to the cement below. Our next trip? Hospital, where according to Jeff it was kids night. Don’t worry about Emma. The new adhesive / glue/ stitches and she will be as good as new.  So she  will never be a teen model, Emma wants to be a fairy princess anyway.

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