Saturday, October 21, 2006

Got peanuts? And a better digital camera?

UGH!!!!!!!!! Former president Jimmy Carter came to the station and every shot is blurry because of my camera. So as you look at the picture be sure to shake your head violently back and forth and it should look fine. He and his son, Jack came to our station to do our political show. Man oh man, for a guy in his 80's he sure has all of his marbles. It was exciting. Secret service came to check everything out first. In this shot I literally pushed people out of the way to get the picture. And it is BLURRY!!!!!!!!! More blurry pictures to the left.


frogsoupdeluxe said...

Hi Cyndi....get JC to build you a house there.......forget the camera. I'm still alive. Dialysis is 1 year old now. I still don't like it.

daymentedcom said...

Is that Perry?  I was just in Middlebury and wondering how to find him.

ng2000news said...

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