Sunday, October 1, 2006

Day of Atonement

Isn't it sad that I have had nothing to write about? Don't you feel sorry for me? There are things I WANT to write about but I can't ........ I won't. You can't make me.  Well, There are several projects we are working on like I said. One is taking up all of my free time. But it is a good thing. I will tell you this week, I promise.

Tomorrow (Monday) Is Yom Kippor. The Day of Atonement. It is the day that you do nothing but pray and ask God for forgiveness. You don't eat, sleep, bathe or anything. Then at sundown you break the fast and gorge with friends. I have never done this. I am not saying I don't have sins because baby.. I do. Some of them are private sins with myself, some are obvious. Gluttony is one. I am a large woman who eats plentiful.

But here are some that I am sorry for.

1. Yelling at the girls when they are just being kids.

2. Complaining to Jeff that he needs to be more aggressive at work but then complaining to him again when he is not home with us because he has to work.

3. Being lazy. There are more things I could do with the girls. Things that don't cost money like the library or the park.

4. Not being truthful with myself about things I truly want and need.

5. Only living up to half of my personal expectations

6. Spending too much time on the computer and phone.

Geesh, I told you I had nothing to write about. This is hideous.


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