Thursday, October 5, 2006

Being an adult sucks

Man oh Man. Be careful what you write about because it may come true.  I came home last night and Otis was lying on the ground. He was looking up at me but he didn’t get up to greet us like he normally does.  I went to get the mail and when I came back, he was in the same spot. His hips have given out on him and he can’t get up. I knew this was coming. He is almost 11 years old. We have moved into a house that has made things worse for him, and he has bad hips. Keeping him alive is purely selfish. We love him. We need him and I can’t imagine living without him. This is my dog that can say “I love you” He will give you his paw anytime you sit near him. And he will always put his paw on the back of any child lying next to him.  He is the dog that would stash toys behind a bucket in the backyard. He would never rip apart a toy but only lick it to nothing. He is the dog who, when he first met the baby Spooky, took his paw and smashed it down on his silly puppy head.  He is our dog, our security and our friend. And the idea of letting him go is killing all of us.  


jillypie1970 said...

You're a bitch.  I come to this blog to laugh, not to cry.

lbgintex said...

What wonderful memories you have of Otis......I remember as well, my trip to see Alyssa when she was just eight months old....  I had to share my bed with Otis, only to find out that it was HIS bed that he was sharing with me.  What a hoot!  I'd wake up in the night only to find this HUGE paw, resting on my back....I think he was keeping me from falling off his bed, ya think?
A GREAT dog with the capicity for GREAT love of his humans!  I'm so glad he got to come to Texas too!  (That's where he really wanted to live, ya know.)
Thank you Cyndi for the email, and for posting about Otis here....he will be missed by us all.....