Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Because chaos is my favorite color

I just signed the girls up for a painting class and a cooking class. As soon as I wrote it in my calendar I thought, I have to take them to theses classes now.  Every Tuesday and Thursday the girls will be creating magic. Alyssa wants to take a skate boarding class. She has the balance of…of..of… well of me. And that isn’t good.

We have done Ballet, gymnastics, ice skating, cooking, crafting, ceramics…. We are trying to find their niche. The one thing that they don’t want to quit after two weeks.

They don’t seem to be very interested in sports at all.  I just want them to get into as many activities as possible. Alyssa is in choir and she will be a peer mediator again. I am excited to see what Emma interests are because right now they are food, fairytopia and dress up. With those qualifications she can be a fairy princess.


loraloo0604 said...

A little person cooking class??  Swweeeet!

Madison has my grace too... thus the current gymnastics class.  I broke a lot of bones when I was young because I was clumsy yet without fear.

You sound like you're going to be quite the busy Mommy.

cyndiblock said...

Lora, Desert Gymcats??

lbgintex said...

What they REALLY need is horseback riding lessons!!!