Wednesday, September 6, 2006

I had my review at work. I got an excellent score and I got a 3% raise. Which I am told is really high. Unfortunately, it breaks down to .39 cents more an hour. (sad music) It will hardly make a dent. I only have one party booked in the next few weeks but hope to get some soon. I sent out about 15- 20 flyers so if you get one, be a pal, book a party. I had two people from my past call in the past few weeks. It was really weird, I was totally thinking of them.

I need to shape my eyebrows. It is really bothering me.

Seriously. They are also thinning. I am one step from drawing a permanent surprise on my face with an eyebrow pencil.

My boobs are itchy. Does that mean money is coming?

Bass Pro bottled water is not bottled at the Bass pro shops from the aquarium where the mermaids swim. Do you want to know what the water tastes like? It is Bass without the B.

Is it wrong that I stop to listen to the Cheetah Girls sing Strut on Radio DIsney? Is it wrong that I watched the entire movie willingly?


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loraloo0604 said...

If I didn't shape my eyebrows, I'd look exactly like Bert.  No lie.

I laughed damn hard at the permanent surprise comment.  Effing hilarious.