Friday, September 8, 2006

Delusional daughter

I went to Parent information night at Alyssa’s school last night.  This is where you meet and greet the teachers. Her teacher was way hip. Much different than last years Barbie doll who was way into structure, structure, structure. This teacher was all about the kids doing their own thing which I love. Alyssa is all about her own thing.  I was looking at some of her work in her desk. There was a paper she had written titled “all about me”. She wrote about me, Jeff, Emma, Otis, Spooky, Minnie and her two pet guinea pigs. Yes, that is right, her two pet guinea pigs. This let me recommend to all of the parents out there. These pigs are so neat and clean and quiet that I don’t even see them. Yeah… we don’t have guinea pigs.  When I asked Alyssa why she wrote that we have two guinea pigs she said that it sounded good. At least she acknowledges the fact that we really don’t have any. She could claim that we do but only she can see them. I wouldn’t want the suckers to get loose and have Jeff step on one in the middle of the night. Invisible guinea guts are a hassle to clean off your shoe. I will deal with Alyssa and her imagination later.

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linda7377 said...

As you stated in your comment Alyssa has an imagination and a very good one at that. And it did sound good... a menagerie at home included guinea pigs. I know I'm siding with Alyssa again but, heck, I love the kid!!!!!