Friday, August 4, 2006

A yearly post of some of the reasons why I love my kids.



  1. For being so excited about your homework project that you completed by yourself that you cannot wait to get to school to turn it in.
  2. Having more fashion sense then your mommy ever had.
  3. Helping your sister get started on the computer
  4. Giving her a bath and making sure she got all of the soap out.
  5. Getting so excited when you finish a book.
  6. Ice skating passion
  7. The ability to curl up in a miniscule ball on your daddy’s lap
  8. For telling us that no way do you want Emma to sleep in your bed but end up giggling and whispering with her all through the night when we make her sleep there  anyway.
  9. For watching TV upside down on your head for no particular reason.
  10. For coming into my car every day and telling me all of the third grade gossip that is going on.


  1. For being goofy and making us laugh after being at work all day.
  2. For pulling out that bottom lip and making it quiver when you want Daddy to do something for you.
  3. For your ability to imitate any accent you hear on TV perfectly.
  4. For showing us the inside of your mouth to convince us how hungry you really are.
  5. For wanting to write out my shopping list and for your ability to actually do it after I spell the words for you.
  6. For getting so mad at the dogs when they want to be near you.
  7. For changing your clothes every ten minutes and always ending up in a tutu of some sort.
  8. For constantly putting your hair behind your ears but refusing a barrette.
  9. For wanted to wear your panties backwards because they feel better that way.
  10. For being so in love with your tummy.


I may have mentioned these things the last time but believe me the love is still there. I am nutty about my kids. It is this dilemma that keeps me from possibly going forth with any baby plans. I do not want to alienate the girls in any way. I never want them to feel left out and I never ever want them to feel as though they are not as important as a new baby. On the flip side, I know Alyssa would be a huge help with a new baby and Emma will have a field day telling everyone that she is a big sister. The pros and cons are stacking up. I am not ready to make a decision.



loraloo0604 said...

I this list.  Seriously cute.

Didn't you wonder the same things when you had Emma?  Would you have enough time and love for two?  Not that I think what you're feeling is illogical... I would be thinking all the same things.  When I ask other parents I always get the same answer - "You don't think you can do it.  But you do.  You just love one as much as the other."  

Don't take this as an argument to convince you to go one way or another.  I'm not having anymore kids, so who am I to try to get you to push out another!  Just playing devil's advocate on your thoughts...

cyndiblock said...

You know what Lora, I don't want to ever wonder if I should have had one more. You know?? I am so torn!!!!!!!!!! My husband is no help with his "whatever you want, babe" I want to slug him! Thanks for your opinion though.

amyjonhall said...

Hi Cyndi,
After reading this darling entry, I couldn't resist putting in a good word for a baby. You are truly a loving mama-- the kind all kids deserve (:


linda7377 said...

Don't forget the folic acid and the zinc!!!!!! Fantastic list. I love that you can stop and smell the roses... and really appreciate the girls. Great!