Thursday, August 17, 2006

She hate me

I lied to Emma. I feel really guilty about it. My BFF, Abbe, has a little girl who is BFF with Alyssa. She is friends with Emma too but Alyssa and This little girl are a little closer. Abbe has invited Alyssa to join them in an overnight trip. There will be two older girls there and Emma is one too many to watch which I completely understand. There are many issues I am having with this. I love that Alyssa was invited. She will have an absolute blast. Emma’s feelings will be hurt when she finds out where she went but I cannot expect them to do everything together. They are not joined at the hip nor are they the same age. They will have their own friends. But right now… they have the same friend and right now... It is Alyssa’s time to go with them. Why should I punish Alyssa and not let her go?

 Anyway... Tonight my mom and I are taking Emma to dinner and a movie and she will spend the night at grandmas. Alone, no Alyssa, which she is very excited about. But…….she thinks Alyssa will be home with us. She thinks that she is the only one that gets a special treat. She thinks…. And I lied and told her yes. I lied to her. Different then the lie I tell the kids about the library being closed just because I don’t feel like going. That lie has been handed down from my father to me when he told me that Rodeo Drive was closed in Beverly Hills that time I wanted to go. Different then the lie I told her about me being a mermaid and meeting Daddy on a rock where he saw me, fell in love therefore me getting my legs and living happily ever after. It is a lie, I told to my 5 year old which will make her cry when she finds out the truth and will lead… her… to…………therapy……………………….in a few years.

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bc510 said...

Hi Cyndi -

The last time I saw your Dad he told me that Rodeo Drive was where Roy Rogers used to live. Is that a lie too?
Don't worry so much. I think you're doing a great job with the kids, and with your parents too. It would be nice to see all of you in CA more often, but that'll happen someday I hope.
Love to the littler ones.
Take care.
Cousin Bob in Redondo