Friday, August 11, 2006

I get so mad at my bloggers when they don’t update their sites but I am not the best at updating either.


So I am done with my parties for the week and have made about $150-160. I feel pretty confident about doing it now and I try to make it a fun experience. I have another party on Monday. I am going to try and continue until about December. I would like to get more bookings though. Our open house went well except for the fact that my presentation was last and everybody had already spent their money on the other products. Oh well, My house was clean and that is always a good thing. Pictures are on Blogger to the left.

Once again, and this will be the last time… If any of my local readers want to book a party you get 10% of sales! What a deal. Plus a hostess gift. Ooooh wow. Lookie at the goodness here.

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