Friday, July 28, 2006

Maybe baby.

Lookie here, I took a little break now didn’t I? Well, it is about 300 degrees here in Vegas, Gross, sticky and muggy. Even our weathercaster calls it soupy. The air went out at the station and we were all a tad stanky. Hopefully it will rain this weekend to put an end to this madness.

My parents have been on vacation all week and you all know how I do when key people in my life are gone. I do not do well. I am a very selfish little girl who likes thing to stay the way they are. So tomorrow I am taking the girls to Ice skating by myself. L I know what you are thinking, in one sentence I am talking about 400 degree weather and the next I am talking up ice skating. But there is a place right up the street from us. It is very popular with the ice hockey crowd.

I find myself constantly thinking about Stace and her baby. Stace AND HER BABY!!! This is a girl who I used to drive around with in her dad’s 300Z blasting Salt and Pepa’s “Push it” with the T tops off.  This chick used to party with me! And forget the fact that I have two kids and have had them for almost 10 years... We are not talking about me; we are talking about Stace, my friend with the blue tail and pastel glasses. The girl I introduced to my mom as “my punk friend” back in 1984 even though she was wearing a white polka dot dress and white tights.

Anyway, I have been thinking not so much about her but about that baby. Jeff and I are still on the fence about having another. There are so many pros and cons that I am about to blow my mind. Money is a big con. We are always worried about money. I pay $200 in daycare a WEEK now. $200! …a week! That is a house payment a month. Next year Emma will be in public school next year and her after school care will be only $30 a week. That is heavenly. Another con is that I am almost 37 years old. Con concon. But the pro would be that I may not be finished yet. What do you think? I am torn. I do know that if I do have another I will partake in the epidural cocktail. Stace, you are 500 times the woman I am!


lbgintex said...

Well, if you go for twins, that will work.....keep in mind (and I am NOT superstitious!) but keep in mind that for us, your next child, should you decide to have only ONE, would be our "13th" really, do you want to do that to us? LOL...just something to think about..
But seriously....go with your heart and if you and Jeff agree, that is the most important thing of all........  AND..."37" is not too old....I was 35 when LeAnn was born....good gosh....wasn't that a surprise!!!

loraloo0604 said...

Thinking back - did you ever think we'd all turn out like we did?  I mean, back in 1984 I did NOT think I'd ever be one minivan away from soccer mom!  Holy cow, right?!

I checked out the pictures of the new baby at Stace's website.  Absolutely adorable!!

About another baby:  No, you're not too old.  If you decide to have another one, I say go for it.  I hear ya on the daycare cost, we're paying the same for one child...