Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary Big Daddy

13 years ago today, Jeff and I had our first date and our first kiss.  He was the cook and I was the counselor at a Girl Scout camp. He had asked me to go shopping with him because he was new and didn’t really know where to go. We went to the Boulevard Mall and then to Caesars Palace Forum shops. It was there at the top of the parking garage where he kissed me for the first time. We had been knocking our hands together all day and he finally took mine and held it. As I have mentioned a million times before, I felt his kiss in my knees. Strong lips. We left Caesars to go to where he was staying to change. I was talking to his cousin at the time when he leaned over me and buttoned up my shirt because it was unbuttoned too much apparently. I will always remember this move and I have never asked him about it. I thought it was odd that he wanted me to be less revealed. So I though he was gay. No big thing, I think everyone is gay. We then went for Chinese food and saw “The Firm.” This would never happen today because I hate Tom Cruise. We then went home and made out for hours in front of his place. The next day he called me about 16 times but I had another date with someone else. My mom said that “This Jeff guy keeps calling.” I was embarrassed that I made out with the cook.


Yadda, yadda, yadda, we have been married for 11 years and have two kids, two cars and a mortgage.


loraloo0604 said...

It is truly amazing how one finds true love, especially when they least expect it.  Congratulations!

I also can't stand Tom Cruise any longer...

juliakalugina said...

Dear Cyndi and Jeff,
Happy Anniversary to you guys! We are very happy for you. You're a great couple. And now we know a bit too much about you (I mean all the details of you making out and stuff) :)
Julia and Eric

lbgintex said...

Oh are so funny.....hey, do you know what "Yadda" means in the original language?  LOL.....if you don't, I'll email it to you....LOL.....tooooo funny!!!