Monday, July 17, 2006

Desperation is not pretty

I haven’t sold anything with my business yet and I am a kind of instant gratification kinda gal. I need things now, now, now! It is the Aries in me. I do have a silent party on Saturday. (No demo’s, just catalog) where I can hopefully sell a few things and book some parties. I am also having my own on August 5th. By the way, Mom, can you baby sit so I can sell sex toys to my friends? Thanks.

Anyway, I really need for this to work because we need the extra scratch. We plan on listing some more items on EBay tonight as well.

By the way, not to keep beating a dead horse with a stick but YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE at when you finish ordering put my name and Distributor number down which is #2242. You will get a free gift. :) C’mon! do it.


This will be the last time I mention my business. It makes some people twitch.

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