Friday, July 28, 2006

Maybe baby.

Lookie here, I took a little break now didn’t I? Well, it is about 300 degrees here in Vegas, Gross, sticky and muggy. Even our weathercaster calls it soupy. The air went out at the station and we were all a tad stanky. Hopefully it will rain this weekend to put an end to this madness.

My parents have been on vacation all week and you all know how I do when key people in my life are gone. I do not do well. I am a very selfish little girl who likes thing to stay the way they are. So tomorrow I am taking the girls to Ice skating by myself. L I know what you are thinking, in one sentence I am talking about 400 degree weather and the next I am talking up ice skating. But there is a place right up the street from us. It is very popular with the ice hockey crowd.

I find myself constantly thinking about Stace and her baby. Stace AND HER BABY!!! This is a girl who I used to drive around with in her dad’s 300Z blasting Salt and Pepa’s “Push it” with the T tops off.  This chick used to party with me! And forget the fact that I have two kids and have had them for almost 10 years... We are not talking about me; we are talking about Stace, my friend with the blue tail and pastel glasses. The girl I introduced to my mom as “my punk friend” back in 1984 even though she was wearing a white polka dot dress and white tights.

Anyway, I have been thinking not so much about her but about that baby. Jeff and I are still on the fence about having another. There are so many pros and cons that I am about to blow my mind. Money is a big con. We are always worried about money. I pay $200 in daycare a WEEK now. $200! …a week! That is a house payment a month. Next year Emma will be in public school next year and her after school care will be only $30 a week. That is heavenly. Another con is that I am almost 37 years old. Con concon. But the pro would be that I may not be finished yet. What do you think? I am torn. I do know that if I do have another I will partake in the epidural cocktail. Stace, you are 500 times the woman I am!

Monday, July 24, 2006

Cheers and Jeers

Cheers to TV Land for playing 48 hours back to back Brady Bunch episodes.

Jeers to my brother who works for the friggin channel and failed to mention the weekend to me even though he knows how obsessed I am about that show.

Cheers to Alyssa for getting addicted to the show at such an early age.

Jeers to me for making her watching it thus contributing to her addiction.

Cheers to Carol Brady for the line, “Sometimes when you lose, you win”

Jeers to Bobby Brady for thinking that putting beans in his flashlight for the little Indian boy was a good idea when in fact mixing beans with battery acid is probably a lethal combination.

Cheers to Emma for perfectly imitating Peter’s “pork chops and applesauce”

Jeers to me for actually making pork chops and applesauce for dinner thus causing her to repeat the phrase every minute for about two hours.

Friday, July 21, 2006

My sister in Law and her family



Ever Charis Dayment is here!!

Stace had her baby after almost 12 hours of labor WITHOUT DRUGS!!!!! Now I am not just saying that this kid is cute because I love Stace but this kid is cute even if I hated Stace. Check out her picture here. Congratulations to Stace and Sean. I haven't been this giddy about a baby in a very long time!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

C'mon babeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Stace's water broke last night. She was only dialated to a 3, three hours ago. Her mom has been updating on the comments on her site. I haven't been this anxious for someone ese's kid in a long time. I feel like she is going to have a boy. I feel a boy.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Because Sheryl did it on her blog I want to do it too.

Day in the Life


6:10: wake up and lay in bed contemplating if I want to shower or not.

6:15: Put on my station to watch morning news. Giggle to myself as anchors make inside jokes on air and gush that I know what they are talking about.

6:18: Watch as cat that I picked out, purchased, loved, tries really hard to wake Jeff up so he can pet her. Even though my hands are perfectly good petters. She prefers Jeff to anyone else in the house. She swats her tail across Jeff’s face and body slams herself across his throat.

6:20: Decide that I need a shower. Go in bathroom and feed Harry Potter, my Beta fish.

6:22: Morning pee. Read a little of Jeff’s Guns and Ammo magazine and realize I have no idea what I just read.

6:25: Shower, shave shine rinse, repeat. Brush, spit

6:40: Look over clothes and hate every piece I pull out.

6:50: Change clothes at least three times

7:00: Wake Jeff up and tell him I am going downstairs. He grumbles and pets cat

7:10: Make lunch for day, toast for breakfast.  Look around to see what the dogs tore up during the night. Last night it was a half loaf of bread. Otis points at Spooky who has a bit of Weber wrap in his mouth. Spooky does look guilty but Otis doesn’t realize that Spooky can’t reach over the counter so I know that he had to have been the one to pull the bag down. I yell at Otis. He tells me he saw the cat knock it down and run away. I don’t believe him.

7:15 Put TV on and flip from Cosby show and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Think about how I hated the season with Dawn and Glory and decide not to put it back on for at least five more episodes when this season is over. Decide I hate this season where Rudy is grown up and has a trace of a mustache and flip through cable channels.

7:30 Call up to Jeff that I am leaving. Hear tiny little “goodbye mommy, I love you” from the two girls bedrooms Leave for work.

7:45: Get mad because Jeff still hasn’t installed my Sirius Radio and I am forced to listen to regular radio.

7:55: Arrive at work.

8:15: After catching up with morning producers I check all of my email accounts.

9:00 4pm producer going to convenience store next store asks if I want to come. Think about it and decide that I am not in the mood to walk over there in the already 100 degree heat.

9:15: Announce morning meeting

9:15 – 10:50: Morning work stuff. Get papers for my boss, type up expenses, etc.

11:00: teleprompt the mid day show

11:30: Answer contest line

12:00: do top secret station work. J

12:15: lunch

1:00: come back to desk, check emails and voice mail

4:00: More top secret stuff, and mail.

5:00: last minute top secret stuff.

5:15; leave work

5:45: Pick up Alyssa from after school care. Call her name. She sees me but pretends not too because she wants to finish her project she was working on or game she has started. Call her again, nothing. One of her friends tells her I am there and she has the nerve to look surprised and act surprised when I get angry.

5:50: Pick up Emma from day Care. Get really angry because Emma’s friends crawl all over Alyssa. She goes with the kids to see what they are doing and in the meantime lose Emma as she goes to get her papers from her locker. Emma falls down in a mini fit because she can’t carry all her papers and her doll that Jeff let her bring even though it is not allowed. Look and see that she is wearing a princess dress. “Daddy said I can wear it” steam up as all of the other mommies laugh at what Emma has decided to wear today. Look for Alyssa for 5 more minutes and realize that she has gone up front to wait for us.

6:05: Completely frazzled, leave day care. Emma: “I’m hungry”

6:10: Emma: “I’m hungry”

6:20: get home, get mail. Unstick cereal from bowls left over from breakfast with Jeff and the girls. Give up and soak them instead. Emma: “I’m hungry”

6:30: start dinner. Have dinner complete by 7:20. Emma: “I’m hungry” Give Emma a bite of the dinner. She doesn’t want I,t she wants macanoni. Watch as Emma throws a complete fit because we are not having macanoni.

7:20: Jeff calls to say he is leaving now from work. He is 20 minutes late.

7:25: Holding everything back not to throw entire dinner in garbage because it will be ruined and coagulated by the time he gets home. Make macanoni and cheese for the girls.

7:45: set table and eat and watch as Jeff picks at his food. “I had a late lunch”

7:46 Think about ways to seriously hurt Jeff that would make him cry.

8:00: Jeff does dishes because he knows I am mad. (He actually always does the dishes)

8:15: Get in the 50th fight with Alyssa in one hour for her to finish her homework.

9:00: Kiss the girls goodnight and wait with excitement to hear the excuses they come up with, not to go to sleep.) Emma: “I’m hungry”

9:30: Chill with Jeff watching TV and eating sunflower seeds until we can’t feel our lips.

11:00 go upstairs to go to bed. Turn on news

11:30 realize that I can no longer hear the TV over Jeff’s snores and flip it off. Fall asleep




Monday, July 17, 2006

Desperation is not pretty

I haven’t sold anything with my business yet and I am a kind of instant gratification kinda gal. I need things now, now, now! It is the Aries in me. I do have a silent party on Saturday. (No demo’s, just catalog) where I can hopefully sell a few things and book some parties. I am also having my own on August 5th. By the way, Mom, can you baby sit so I can sell sex toys to my friends? Thanks.

Anyway, I really need for this to work because we need the extra scratch. We plan on listing some more items on EBay tonight as well.

By the way, not to keep beating a dead horse with a stick but YOU CAN ORDER ONLINE at when you finish ordering put my name and Distributor number down which is #2242. You will get a free gift. :) C’mon! do it.


This will be the last time I mention my business. It makes some people twitch.

Friday, July 14, 2006

My friend Stace is about to POP. She is due on the 19th but so was I 9 years ago. My water broke and Alyssa was 10 days early. I spoke to her a few nights ago. She sounded nervous / excited. I am TOTALLY excited for her. TOTALLY! Good luck Stace. Don’t poop on the delivery area.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary Big Daddy

13 years ago today, Jeff and I had our first date and our first kiss.  He was the cook and I was the counselor at a Girl Scout camp. He had asked me to go shopping with him because he was new and didn’t really know where to go. We went to the Boulevard Mall and then to Caesars Palace Forum shops. It was there at the top of the parking garage where he kissed me for the first time. We had been knocking our hands together all day and he finally took mine and held it. As I have mentioned a million times before, I felt his kiss in my knees. Strong lips. We left Caesars to go to where he was staying to change. I was talking to his cousin at the time when he leaned over me and buttoned up my shirt because it was unbuttoned too much apparently. I will always remember this move and I have never asked him about it. I thought it was odd that he wanted me to be less revealed. So I though he was gay. No big thing, I think everyone is gay. We then went for Chinese food and saw “The Firm.” This would never happen today because I hate Tom Cruise. We then went home and made out for hours in front of his place. The next day he called me about 16 times but I had another date with someone else. My mom said that “This Jeff guy keeps calling.” I was embarrassed that I made out with the cook.


Yadda, yadda, yadda, we have been married for 11 years and have two kids, two cars and a mortgage.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Let the FUN begin

I am so achy today. I was at the “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” auditions all day yesterday. We had about 1800 people show up to audition. I was there from 7AM to 5:15. Standing the whole day. I passed out applications and tests. Threw out t shirts and collected scan trons. I was in pain last night. My shoulders, my back and my feet were throbbing. Today I am sleepy.

I got my package of FUN party stuff in on Friday to sell. I was reading my manual all weekend long. I have my first party on July 22nd. I will be able to sell online too. I will write down the address with my distributor number shortly. And if you are a local reader and want to book a party, email me at and I will hook you up. They are loads of fun and if you host a party you get FREE STUFF!!! And a hostess gift!

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Ikea? I hardly knew her

Getting back in the groove of life, Jeff and I are deep in making designing plans for the house. This is sparked by my friend Elizabeth* giving us this amazing tailor made deep purple velvet chair. Purple is Jeff and my favorite decorating color besides orange. We want the living room to be a shock of bright colors. This is the room that has my computer in it and I am in desperate need of a new computer desk. My current one is an old sewing desk I got at a garage sale for $5.  I really wish for the 1000th time this year that Las Vegas had an IKEA store. I have such IKEA envy. Everything they sell is Jeff and my taste. We took down the Hefty bags from the front window and put up a shade and curtains. We also put up most of the family pictures. We are going to rearrange the room and make it more homey. We just need to paint and hang some paintings.


Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Fourth of July

Happy fourth of July. What did you do? Well I started my morning off with a shock to the heart as thunder pounded the house at 6:20 AM. We literally jumped out of bed. It was thundering and lightning.

I then preceeded to stress out uncontrollably because Alyssa had her first sleep over last night. She has slept over Abbe's house before but this was her first sleep over with someone I really didn't know. I was a nut biscuit.

She was then the nut biscuit because she and her friend barely slept all night because they were talking. She is not good without a lot of sleep.

We BBQ'd some ribs in the back and had a small family fourth in the front of the house. We planned on going to the big Fourth of July extravaganza at the park across the street from us. You locals will know it as the Red, White and Boom at Desert Breeze Park. We drove over the the store parking lot across the street along with at least 1000 other people. The fireworks were late and the girls were crabby. The other kids around us were making us nervous by throwing rocks and lighting fires under the politics signs. As soon as someone lit a firework by our car we were out of there without seeing anything. When we got home we realized that we had a perfect view of the whole thing from Emma's room. (Last Picture.)