Friday, June 16, 2006

So, I think I have a cure for my “boredom.” I have nothing to look forward to at the time being. I am a planner. I plan, I make lists and I thrive on being stressed out. I know it sounds stupid but I have nothing going on right now and everything is too calm. Last week I was fine because we were going to California. So I was planning and stressing about that trip. Having something to do makes me complete. Last year at this time, the girls had ballet, gymnastics, arts and crafts and cooking classes. On Saturday the girls start Ice Skating lessons and that will help a little. I also think that I will start EBay again despite the extra stress it causes me. I also want to plan “date night” with Jeff for at least one time a month. It will be something to look forward to.

The girls are also starting JCC camp next week. JCC is the Jewish Community Center where on Fridays they get their dose of Jewishness. If I may, I will quote my darling Emma after last year’s first day of camp. “Mommy, I ‘m JEWISH” Well, yeah you are. I am bummed that the girls will only get to go for one week due to Alyssa’s school track break being over. Year round school. Gotta love it.  

So that is it. The key to my happiness is lists, lots and lots of lists.

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linda7377 said...

You can now add the trip to Tuacahn in August to your stress list!!!!!