Monday, June 19, 2006

I wasn’t going to get Jeff anything for father’s day because of the beautiful purchased and wrapped nothing he gave to me. That kind of reverse guilt does not work on Jeff because Jeff could care less about gifts for Fathers day, birthdays, Christmas, or anniversaries. He really doesn’t. The complete opposite of me. But we got him a 3 –D Crystal picture of the girls. He has wanted one ever since we got one for my dad when Emma was a baby and Alyssa was about 4.  He really liked it. We also spent the day at Toys R Us so Alyssa could spend her gift certificate my parents got her for her birthday.  She split it with her sister which was cool. Not fifty - fifty but thirty – twenty. We also unpacked several boxes and ate tacos. It was a nice relaxing Sunday.

On that note. Happy Fathers Day to my own big daddy. You are a peach.

The girls started Ice Skating on Saturday. They totally rocked the ice. Emma honestly thought that she would be twirling on the ice on her first day and was slightly disillusioned when she found herself needing the ice skating “walker” to stand up. She did really well and only fell once. She started crying and the teacher wiped her tears. They were really nice ladies that paid a lot more attention to her then the other ice skating school that taught Alyssa 4 years ago. But they must have done something right because  Alyssa kicked ass on the ice!! She was a natural and it was as if there was no lapse in her lessons. They really had a good time and I hope that they want to continue. Of course, pictures wont be on until tomorrow.

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