Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Bad weekend with Mrs. Bigglesworth. Oh yeah, that is the new name of our cat. Mrs. Bigglesworth got out through the doggie door this weekend. She whored herself all night long. We tried for hours to get her to come back in. At one point grabbing her and forcibly attaching her to my arm. Causing her to rip the crap out of it and causing mucho pain to my skin as well as my broken heart. She eventually came back in and we removed the doggie doors. Otis and Spooky have to be let out like normal dogs now. So far, it is working out great. It is too hot for them outside anyway. 110 right now. They run outside and pee and run back in anyway. The pavement hurts their tootsies.

Jeff is gone on another “business trip.” He comes back tonight. This time wasn’t too bad. Only two days and the girls got ready pretty quickly.  We miss him though.

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