Tuesday, June 6, 2006

6-6-6 is for scaredy cats

Busy week for us. Last night my father’s cousin was in town for the Gem and Jewelry show. It is a huge convention that brought in quite a few thousand people. We went to dinner at the Venetian Hotel. Mmm ring a ding ding.  It was packed but we got into the restaurant really quickly. Huge portions of food! Of course I don’t have the pictures yet but they will be on the site starting tomorrow. We went to Elizabeth and Steve’s house for BBQ and swimming on Sunday. It was really nice. They have this really cool kid named Alexander that stole Alyssa’s heart.  He is 1 ½ and have the biggest blue eyes I have ever seen.  On Wednesday we are having a surprise get together at Chuck E Cheeses for Alyssa’s birthday. I am not having a real party for her because we are taking her and Emma to a surprise trip to Disneyland on Thursday night. She doesn’t know any of this.

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