Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend ditty


Our weekend was pretty jammed packed. On Saturday Jeff and I received a huge bag of black tar heroin and did it all in one night. Well, not quite black tar heroin but digital cable so it is kind of the same thing. We leapt into the millennium and purchased digital cable. The box arrived on Saturday and we watched movie after movie after movie. It reminded me of the day when my parents got their first VCR and we rented 500 movies to watch. We queued up shows and flicks and fun stuff and of course, Titanic. It was a hoot.

On Sunday Jeff and I went to see Avenue Q. at the Wynn. It was the last night of the show. They are replacing it with Spamalot. The show was friggin brilliant. Jeff didn’t know anything about it so I explained it as adult Sesame Street. He loved it. And it was nice to go out on a date. The girls spent the night for the first time at my parent’s new house. Yesterday we went to the Memorial day celebration at the lagoon. The lagoon is a beach/pool in Abbe’s community where her house is. We try and go every year. They had limbo, talent show, jumpy houses, games and snow cones. We had a blast. The girls shocked the heck out me by entering the talent show. They hula hooped. They were so cute especially since Emma didn’t know how. Alyssa won the limbo contest and won a $5 gift card to McDonalds. One of Abbe’s friends, Florence taught me how to corn row. I practiced on Emma’s hair and she looked so dang cute I wanted to laugh. Here are pictures but keep in mind that she was a jumpy 5 yr old that has a difficult time keeping still.  It was a groovy weekend.

Also, I have set up a blogger account to post my pictures. It is easier then Flickr because it comes directly from my Picassa page.

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loraloo0604 said...

Digital cable rocks!  

I think the corn rolls are really cute, jumpy child or not, they turned out really good!  Sounds like you all had a fabulous holiday weekend.