Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Jeff came home from Prescott, AZ last night. He was sent there to purchase a gun collection for his shop. If you have been reading me for any sort of time then you know that I do not do well without him. I cannot just stay home with the girls and do nothing. I have to prove to them that I am a cool, crazy mommy and not just daddy is the fun, exciting one. Unfortunately my way of proving it is spending money on the kids. I took them to the Olive Garden for dinner and to the 99 cent store. Thank goodness my children do not know the difference between FAO Schwartz and the dollar store. There eyes get misty when I tell them that they can have THREE things. I am so the cool mom buying the love of my children.

I miss Jeff really bad when he is gone. Despite the fact that he got me NOTHING for Mothers day. Not even a card. He never does that. He can usually wrestle up a tubular rose and a generic card from 7 -11. I told him weeks ago that I wanted something from the heart preferably something made from him and the children. I was even gone for most of last weekend at a spa with my mom and the girls so he could put something together. Oh by the way, I went to a spa with my mom and the girls. But I took my mom. This was not something set up by him. He owes me.


We are not getting the kitty. Apparently kitty’s real name was Satan – Diablo – Son of Chucky – Smith. He was not a nice kitty and we are looking for something softer and well, kittier. This weekend we may go to the adopt – a- thon at Pet smart.


loraloo0604 said...

Any animal's name beginning with Satan - Diablo - Son of Chucky can't be a good thing.  LOL

lbgintex said...

About thata Cyndi.....we have SIX to choose from!!  Come back...hurry..and you can have ALL of them...the WHOLE family!!!!!