Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On Saturday we went to Gage’s birthday party which was held at a place called Pump it Up. It is a warehouse filled with jumpy houses. The kids were stinky and sweaty and happy. Pictures are here. I got to meet Eric, Nicole’s new flame. He was really nice. I hope it works out because I am in the mood for cake.

 Anyway, On Saturday night I had a few people from work over to play a “Sex and The City” trivia game. It was pretty cool considering how you all know how I feel about people in my house. I hope to do it again with even more people.

On Sunday which was Jeff’s only day off we went shopping and ran a few errands. We also adopted a new kitty. She is a Siamese mix and about 7-8 months old. I was jones’in for a cat and I feel the time is right. However, Kitty may feel otherwise. She has been under our bed for two days now. All of the websites say that this is normal kitty behavior and that it may take up to a week for her to feel completely comfortable to come out. She ventured out last night to pee and eat. And meow. And meow, and meow. All night with the meowin. I meowed back and Jeff meowed back but she went back under the bed. I don’t speak kitty fluently so I may have offended her.  Hopefully she will join us within the week and get to know the family. She doesn’t have an official name yet but her adopted name was Anna. That will change to something more appropriate like Miss kitty or Whiskers. (Over my dead body will a cat in my home be named whiskers)


linda7377 said...

I wanted to comment under each photo but the sight did not let me...it asked for a Yahoo ID. Anyway,the photo of the girls is beautiful, Emma in the tube is terrific and your kitten seems to have two different colored eyes.

loraloo0604 said...

I've heard about Pump it Up.  Looks like serious fun.  

Miss Annie P. Kitty sure is cute.  I hope she finds the courage to let you smoosh her little face soon.  :)

I'm not in the loop about how you feel about people in your house?  I get kind of weirded out with people in my house - but it's only because I'm a crazy clean freak.