Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miss Kitty is a tad psycho. She started coming out last night. She would poke her head out and if you made eye contact with her she would dash under the bed again. It was OK for her to stare at you but if you returned the evil eye she bolted. Did you know that cats are nocturnal? Yeah, they are. Like little hamsters on their wheel. Miss Kitty like to get the midnight crazies and zip back and forth across our room at 3 AM, She also took an 8 second pee in her litter box. 8 seconds may not sound like a long time to you but go and count. 1 Mississippi   2 Mississippi, 3……etc.  Jeff said that “that cat holds a lot of water.” She then proceeded to take the biggest kitty dump I had ever seen come out of a 5 lb cat.  But she is the cutest friggin thing I have seen in ages. I adore her and I can’t wait for her to let me hold her. I want to squeeze her fuzzy little face.  Right now her name is Miss Annie P. Kitty.  But it may change.

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loraloo0604 said...

Gotta love the 3am crazies.  Our cat likes to bang on the window blinds at about 5am.  He thinks we should be up by then.