Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A meow meow here and a meow meow there

I really appreciate all of the emails and comments about my computer. However, I need AOL for my blog. I need to maintain my AOL account to add new entries. The computer is still sitting untouched. I plan on taking it to Best Buy later to let the Geek squad look at it. Worse case scenario I will go back to dial up. EEEEEEK! Hey, I am not in a hurry. I do have to admit, my computer is getting a little tired. My CD burner has stopped working and my floppy quit on me ages ago. I have to send all of my Picasa photos to my email so I don’t lose all of my photos. I have about 1000 photos on there and they need to be backed up or lost forever. Poor Emma has no actual, physical pictures of herself. They are all digital. 

I have so much to do. I have a package for my unborn nephew, a package for my niece’s birthday (May 1) and a package for my mother in law. They have been sitting by the door for 2 weeks now. I have to make a physical appointment for the girls for camp, still unpack, and I need to get some flowers planted before it gets scorching. It has been 100 degrees here.


We are probably getting a new kitty on Friday to add to our collection of animals. The kitty is a little boy and Jeff wants to name him Miss Kitty like Miss J from “Top Model”. Who is also black and a boy.  I want to name him Amos after Famous Amos cookies. Otis is named after Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. And Spooky, well Spooky’s Christian name/ AKC name is Disco Lemonade. I am not sure that I am ready to add on to my zoo. I have the bird, fish, more fish, Otis and Spooky. I am and have always been a cat person. I am ready for a cat and now that we have the bigger house we can accommodate one. I know that my mom is flipping out but she did say when I was 9 years old, “when you have your own house and your own family you can have as many animals as you want.” So I am. Ha ha.

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loraloo0604 said...

You may like your blog here on AOL, but you can blog for FREE elsewhere...  blogger.com is where I got started, and don't pay a dime for my blog.  Just something to give you some thought...  you could start a new blog and direct readers from here to there and then let this page go.  

Sorry to hear your PC needs some TLC.