Monday, May 1, 2006

I have made a decision.

I have decided to put Emma in the private kindergarten with the rest of her class. It is

1. full day.

2.It includes all meals

3. it includes before and after care as well.

4. Emma deserves special private education too.

Also to include that I forgot in the previous post:

This was the first weekend with Jeff off on Sunday and Monday. It was way cool. I love having him home when I am. He had promised me a "real" day off sans kids. However:

A. He didn't wake up unti 9 AM so I got the kids dressed and made them breakfast.

B. My afternoon with Abbe resulted in a half assed home show and her in doubled over pain which we now know was a bladder infection.

Thanks guys.

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linda7377 said...

Cyndi, as we know because it has happened so many times before there is ALWAYS a solution to our problems. We just have to be rational enough to think the problem out. I know this was a very stressful time and I'm glad the decision is made and I know it is the right decision.