Thursday, May 25, 2006

All of our reality shows are over. Now we can start watching our Netflix movies again. Jeff and I were really into Top Chef on Bravo and were really hoping that Harold would win, which he did. That was a great show. It was a perfect filler for Project Runway. And Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol… It was hard to watch after Chris got booted off.  But it was a freakin hoot watching that geek completely freak out when Clay Aikin walked out. It was even funnier when Ryan Seacrest asked the geek to stop singing so we could hear Clay. Meatloaf sucked rocks which was really sad to see.

Miss Annie P. came out again last night to attack the carpet. I am hoping that she will soon feel comfortable enough to jump up on the bed and chill with us. I am following the web site rules and letting her have her own space for a week. I will then open the bedroom door and let her explore. I want her to sniff out the dogs too. When she pops her fuzzy face up like a prairie dog every night it cracks us up. Also FYI: you really get what you paid for with cheap litter.

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loraloo0604 said...

That was really funny when Clay Aiken walked out.  It was a little...awkward.  I like Clay and actually bought his album, and what happened?  He disappeared.  Hmmm.

I'm just glad that McPhee didn't win.  After the 5 billionth time she was so.damn.excited, I couldn't take it anymore.