Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend ditty


Our weekend was pretty jammed packed. On Saturday Jeff and I received a huge bag of black tar heroin and did it all in one night. Well, not quite black tar heroin but digital cable so it is kind of the same thing. We leapt into the millennium and purchased digital cable. The box arrived on Saturday and we watched movie after movie after movie. It reminded me of the day when my parents got their first VCR and we rented 500 movies to watch. We queued up shows and flicks and fun stuff and of course, Titanic. It was a hoot.

On Sunday Jeff and I went to see Avenue Q. at the Wynn. It was the last night of the show. They are replacing it with Spamalot. The show was friggin brilliant. Jeff didn’t know anything about it so I explained it as adult Sesame Street. He loved it. And it was nice to go out on a date. The girls spent the night for the first time at my parent’s new house. Yesterday we went to the Memorial day celebration at the lagoon. The lagoon is a beach/pool in Abbe’s community where her house is. We try and go every year. They had limbo, talent show, jumpy houses, games and snow cones. We had a blast. The girls shocked the heck out me by entering the talent show. They hula hooped. They were so cute especially since Emma didn’t know how. Alyssa won the limbo contest and won a $5 gift card to McDonalds. One of Abbe’s friends, Florence taught me how to corn row. I practiced on Emma’s hair and she looked so dang cute I wanted to laugh. Here are pictures but keep in mind that she was a jumpy 5 yr old that has a difficult time keeping still.  It was a groovy weekend.

Also, I have set up a blogger account to post my pictures. It is easier then Flickr because it comes directly from my Picassa page.

Friday, May 26, 2006

It comes in three’s. Every time I hear that someone I know is pregnant, I always find out at least two more people I know are knocked up as well.  When Stace told me she was pregnant, I found out my sister in law and cousin were expecting too. Well, Leann, my sister in law won. She had her baby boy, Jordan, yesterday. On my father in law’s birthday! Little Jordan was 9 lbs! I don’t know any of the details of the birth because Jeff is really crappy when it comes to asking details. He just doesn’t like to think about his sister “doin’ it”

Thursday, May 25, 2006

All of our reality shows are over. Now we can start watching our Netflix movies again. Jeff and I were really into Top Chef on Bravo and were really hoping that Harold would win, which he did. That was a great show. It was a perfect filler for Project Runway. And Idol, Idol, Idol, Idol… It was hard to watch after Chris got booted off.  But it was a freakin hoot watching that geek completely freak out when Clay Aikin walked out. It was even funnier when Ryan Seacrest asked the geek to stop singing so we could hear Clay. Meatloaf sucked rocks which was really sad to see.

Miss Annie P. came out again last night to attack the carpet. I am hoping that she will soon feel comfortable enough to jump up on the bed and chill with us. I am following the web site rules and letting her have her own space for a week. I will then open the bedroom door and let her explore. I want her to sniff out the dogs too. When she pops her fuzzy face up like a prairie dog every night it cracks us up. Also FYI: you really get what you paid for with cheap litter.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Miss Kitty is a tad psycho. She started coming out last night. She would poke her head out and if you made eye contact with her she would dash under the bed again. It was OK for her to stare at you but if you returned the evil eye she bolted. Did you know that cats are nocturnal? Yeah, they are. Like little hamsters on their wheel. Miss Kitty like to get the midnight crazies and zip back and forth across our room at 3 AM, She also took an 8 second pee in her litter box. 8 seconds may not sound like a long time to you but go and count. 1 Mississippi   2 Mississippi, 3……etc.  Jeff said that “that cat holds a lot of water.” She then proceeded to take the biggest kitty dump I had ever seen come out of a 5 lb cat.  But she is the cutest friggin thing I have seen in ages. I adore her and I can’t wait for her to let me hold her. I want to squeeze her fuzzy little face.  Right now her name is Miss Annie P. Kitty.  But it may change.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On Saturday we went to Gage’s birthday party which was held at a place called Pump it Up. It is a warehouse filled with jumpy houses. The kids were stinky and sweaty and happy. Pictures are here. I got to meet Eric, Nicole’s new flame. He was really nice. I hope it works out because I am in the mood for cake.

 Anyway, On Saturday night I had a few people from work over to play a “Sex and The City” trivia game. It was pretty cool considering how you all know how I feel about people in my house. I hope to do it again with even more people.

On Sunday which was Jeff’s only day off we went shopping and ran a few errands. We also adopted a new kitty. She is a Siamese mix and about 7-8 months old. I was jones’in for a cat and I feel the time is right. However, Kitty may feel otherwise. She has been under our bed for two days now. All of the websites say that this is normal kitty behavior and that it may take up to a week for her to feel completely comfortable to come out. She ventured out last night to pee and eat. And meow. And meow, and meow. All night with the meowin. I meowed back and Jeff meowed back but she went back under the bed. I don’t speak kitty fluently so I may have offended her.  Hopefully she will join us within the week and get to know the family. She doesn’t have an official name yet but her adopted name was Anna. That will change to something more appropriate like Miss kitty or Whiskers. (Over my dead body will a cat in my home be named whiskers)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

So Jeff came home from Prescott, AZ last night. He was sent there to purchase a gun collection for his shop. If you have been reading me for any sort of time then you know that I do not do well without him. I cannot just stay home with the girls and do nothing. I have to prove to them that I am a cool, crazy mommy and not just daddy is the fun, exciting one. Unfortunately my way of proving it is spending money on the kids. I took them to the Olive Garden for dinner and to the 99 cent store. Thank goodness my children do not know the difference between FAO Schwartz and the dollar store. There eyes get misty when I tell them that they can have THREE things. I am so the cool mom buying the love of my children.

I miss Jeff really bad when he is gone. Despite the fact that he got me NOTHING for Mothers day. Not even a card. He never does that. He can usually wrestle up a tubular rose and a generic card from 7 -11. I told him weeks ago that I wanted something from the heart preferably something made from him and the children. I was even gone for most of last weekend at a spa with my mom and the girls so he could put something together. Oh by the way, I went to a spa with my mom and the girls. But I took my mom. This was not something set up by him. He owes me.


We are not getting the kitty. Apparently kitty’s real name was Satan – Diablo – Son of Chucky – Smith. He was not a nice kitty and we are looking for something softer and well, kittier. This weekend we may go to the adopt – a- thon at Pet smart.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A meow meow here and a meow meow there

I really appreciate all of the emails and comments about my computer. However, I need AOL for my blog. I need to maintain my AOL account to add new entries. The computer is still sitting untouched. I plan on taking it to Best Buy later to let the Geek squad look at it. Worse case scenario I will go back to dial up. EEEEEEK! Hey, I am not in a hurry. I do have to admit, my computer is getting a little tired. My CD burner has stopped working and my floppy quit on me ages ago. I have to send all of my Picasa photos to my email so I don’t lose all of my photos. I have about 1000 photos on there and they need to be backed up or lost forever. Poor Emma has no actual, physical pictures of herself. They are all digital. 

I have so much to do. I have a package for my unborn nephew, a package for my niece’s birthday (May 1) and a package for my mother in law. They have been sitting by the door for 2 weeks now. I have to make a physical appointment for the girls for camp, still unpack, and I need to get some flowers planted before it gets scorching. It has been 100 degrees here.


We are probably getting a new kitty on Friday to add to our collection of animals. The kitty is a little boy and Jeff wants to name him Miss Kitty like Miss J from “Top Model”. Who is also black and a boy.  I want to name him Amos after Famous Amos cookies. Otis is named after Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. And Spooky, well Spooky’s Christian name/ AKC name is Disco Lemonade. I am not sure that I am ready to add on to my zoo. I have the bird, fish, more fish, Otis and Spooky. I am and have always been a cat person. I am ready for a cat and now that we have the bigger house we can accommodate one. I know that my mom is flipping out but she did say when I was 9 years old, “when you have your own house and your own family you can have as many animals as you want.” So I am. Ha ha.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

About to scream

In March when we moved, I lept into the millennium and got me a cable modem. It has been nothing short of Hell for me. My AOL snaps off after 10-15 minutes every time I use it. When I called AOL, they did all the necessary changes to my account and it still snapped off. They blamed the modem. So I called Cox communications. They did all of their necessary changes and blamed AOL. When I told them that it happened when I went straight to my Internet explorer and it snapped off there also, they blamed my computer. They said I needed a new card??? I beg of you, my computer savvy friends, and introducing another re-hook up friend, Lora, to help me with some advice before I chuck my entire operation off of the 2nd floor of my new house.

On other notes, My sister in law's, sister, Sveta and her husband, Alex came to town two nights ago. All the way from Moscow. We went to dinner and then Jeff took them shooting. (the next day) He said they had a lot of fun. I would love to show ou the video that Jeff took but you see, I can't because my Internet wont stay on long enough for me to upload it onto youtube.com. Everyone I know works with computers. Please I beg of you, help me. I have done and spoke to everyone. What do I need in my computer to make this work?

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

If I could turn back time.

I am thinking of buying a sewing machine. Not a real expensive one. Maybe one like this. I thought how liberating it must be to be able to make pillows whenever you wanted to. I see craft sites that tell you to make quilts out of old t shirts and I thought about how much fun would it be to take the girls old favorite tees and make a blanket? I thought how awesome would it be to be able to make your own drapes and clothes and doll outfits. I then thought about how cool it would be to start scrap booking again and organize all of my pictures, to finally upload all of the shots to walmart.com and have them print out my pictures. And then I got very tired. Tired and drained of life and realized that I have so much work to do. My house is still unpacked, the laundry is piling up again because the washer is broke and my cable modem keeps shutting me down so I can’t even list anything on EBay. I have packages that need to be mailed out to relatives and I have rebates to send for money. I need to get new glasses before my prescription expires, I need to call Sirius and tell them that my satellite radio hasn’t worked in months, I need to arrange day care and register Alyssa at her new school.  I need a day to stop time and get it all done.  Becasue right now, my head is swirling and I am having a very hard time relaxing and sleeping and being a good mommy.

Sunday, May 7, 2006

Karate CHOP!

Emma had her karate show today and she was wonderful!! You can see her work HERE! They are to the right of the page under Emma Karate. And they are in reverse order. The first one is her getting her medal and that should be last.

Thursday, May 4, 2006

cyndi and the terrible, horrible, very bad, no good day.

I had a very, very, very, bad day yesterday. It was so bad that I don’t even want to talk about it because you would think I was making it up. So leave me alone.  And to top it off,  my chicken pot pie that I made for dinner tasted like crap, Jade is still on “Top Model” and Leann got kicked off “Top Chef” I really wanted her, Dave and Harold to go to the Championship and Harold to win, but now Tiffani is going and she is a mean person. And just reading back this paragraph makes me realize that I have no life. This makes my day even worse.  On to other things.


My goal in life is to be more organized. With finances, meals, diet, work, children, chores, etc…

 With finances, Jeff and I should have about $500 - $1000 left over to put in savings every month. Well, this never happens so I am keeping close attention to every penny that comes out of our account.  That is organization. J

On Sunday, I went to Super Wal Mart and went shopping for the week. BY MEALS!! That means I planned out menus and bought all the ingredients for 6 meals! That is organization. J

With work, I have list after list after list of things to do but they keep getting longer instead of shorter. Not organized. L

Jeff and I have decided that we will unpack two to five boxes a night until we are done. Last night we did one and got bored and sleepy. Not organized. L

It is hard. I would love to get back on Weight Watchers again but I don’t want to pay. I know what to do but I need to be shamed into losing weight every week.  It is hard to eat one meal and make a whole separate one for Jeff and the girls. I have a list of a million things that have to get done this month. Sometimes I just want to sit in a dark corner and cry. Rocking back and forth in the fetal position may help too. Or I can invest in a Time turner from Harry Potter 3 and turn back the hours so I can get things done. Or I can stop acting like Harry Potter is real. Well, I probably won’t do that because I really want to get my hands on an invisibility cloak.

Monday, May 1, 2006

I have made a decision.

I have decided to put Emma in the private kindergarten with the rest of her class. It is

1. full day.

2.It includes all meals

3. it includes before and after care as well.

4. Emma deserves special private education too.

Also to include that I forgot in the previous post:

This was the first weekend with Jeff off on Sunday and Monday. It was way cool. I love having him home when I am. He had promised me a "real" day off sans kids. However:

A. He didn't wake up unti 9 AM so I got the kids dressed and made them breakfast.

B. My afternoon with Abbe resulted in a half assed home show and her in doubled over pain which we now know was a bladder infection.

Thanks guys.

This weekend knocked me out. Saturday was nut-teee. In the morning we started our day at the Sun City garage sale. They must have had over 500 vendors. My parents had a booth and were happily joining the other Sun City (cult) members in selling. My father actually giggles, he is so happy living there. We were there for about two hours and left to go to Target to buy a present for our next quest. A birthday party in the park for one of Emma's little friends. 2 1/2 hours later............ we left there to go to another outside event. The luau at Alyssa's school. Keep in mind this was the first HOT day of the year. 97. We stayed there for about an hour until I spoke to the school's principal about getting our zone varience for this school. Alyssa has been going there since first grade and every year we go through this dreaded begging thing for a zone variance. Not that the zoned school is bad, I don't even know anything about it. It's just that I am in love with the daycare next door. We have been going there for about 5 years and they know me, my kids, my husband and apparently, my bank account. Well, every year the zone thing hasn't been more then a mild begging of sorts. a sad pathetic picture of Alyssa and a letter stating that I will shoot out the school or something if Alyssa didn't get in. This year is different. Not only do I have to beg for Alyssa but Emma is suiting up for kindergarten.  And that sucks. Because:

1. Kindergarten is only 1/2 day .. 1/2 day???? try 2 1/2 hours. A pure joke.

2. The principal told me that since I moved I have a new zoned school and this school does not give up their kids as easily.

3. I still have to pay for 1/2 day daycare. $160 a week

4. The day care offers FULL DAY kindergarten. $200 a week

5. If Alyssa and Emma go to their zoned school then I have to find a day care that has a bus that will pick up Emma after kindergarten is over.Jeff and I are not comfortable with that.


 I don't know what to do. I dont have the money for this. There is a lot of decisions to make. Alyssa went to a PRIVATE Pre K for two years and Alyssa went to a PRIVATE kindergarten. But we seemed to have more money then. It totally sucks. Private kindergarten is only $15 more a week and I may have to bite the bullet. Provided that Alyssa gets accepted to the school we want her to go to. If not then I need to check out what our options are. For the record, the zoned school is supposed to be good too and Alyssa does not seem top mind going someplace new. I don't know what to do. HELP.