Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tyler Texas is 1395 miles away from Las Vegas

Mighty long trip. But we are back. I have over 450 pictures which I am organizing and putting together. I may have to wait until May because I only have 60% picture capacity left for the month of April on Flikr.It was a nice trip. The kids did really well on the drive but I account this to a DVD player, Ipod, Walkman, 400 coloring books, crayons, markers, and 22 cans of Pringles. When I used to travel in a car, the only thing we had was car bingo, slug bug and an occasional cow to count.

Jeff’s parents’ house is in the middle of beautiful woods and the girls had a blast.

These are some of the things I learned from this trip.

1. Just because a dog weighs 120 lbs doesn’t mean he won’t shake like a Chihuahua when you take him to the kennel.

2. When a five year old throws a coloring book at her eight yr old sister then falls asleep two minutes later, the book probably wasn’t thrown in anger.

3. A 21 hour drive from Las Vegas to Tyler, Texas and 21 hour drive back makes for a very stinky car

4. It is difficult to explain to Emma that just because Cartoon Network is on our TV at home doesn’t mean it will be on the hotel TV in Gallup, NM.

5. Just because a dog is named Moses doesn’t mean he can part his water bowl.

6. You don’t have to see a skunk to smell it.

7.  When your daughter leans over a deck to get a closer look at a chameleon and then falls over the deck into the bushes below, well that’s just funny, I don’t care who you are.

8. Some people can pull off the shorts and cowboy boots look.

9. If you go to the Wal Mart everyday, you will find something to buy every time.

10. When you tell your kid to NOT fall into the pond, it is exactly what she will do


lbgintex said...

Tooooooo funny....but look at the memories that were made....and, I hope that they will last a lifetime!!
You really need to add more to your list though...like, "Feeding Poison Ivy to the horses doesn't necessarily mean that you will catch it."  AND...."Tea Party's are really for the adults"....or how about, "No matter how hard a certain child is crying, she will ALWAYS strike a poise for the camera....and then continue crying."
Cyndi, I loved having you and Jeff, Alyssa and Emma "home" for a visit......I learned a lot as well.....most of all (and I'm still learning this one), what is really important and what is not.....  Children's laughter, hugs and kisses, walks to the pond, making a new trail in the woods, spending time "together"....these are important......the other "stuff" can wait!!
We are sooooo looking forward to next year's visit!!!
Love you mucho.....Marti

unwoundrodeo said...

O.K. Thanks for not naming names in your Top 10 list!!!  And, I must disagree, no one can pull off the shorts and cowboy boot look! We only went to Wal-Mart once, didn't we?
I am laughing as if all these things just happened. It was great fun to be with ya'll.

"He thaid, Mothes, go part your wahter bowl."

cyndiblock said...

I went with LeAnn that one night too! I am still waiting for my phone message. It was a fun trip. I can't seem to get my act together to put the pictures up. all 487 of them.