Monday, April 24, 2006

Friday, my mom and I took the girls to see the play, Into the Woods. It was excellent. Into the Woods was one of the plays I worked on while in Reno. It was also one of my favorites. It brought back all these memories for me of working back stage and being a part of something so important.  The only problem with this play was that it started at 7:30 PM and the girls got very grumpy after the 2nd act started. We didn’t get out until 10:30 PM.


I miss working in the theater. It is my one true calling. And even though the theaters call for volunteers and do not start working until 6PM, I could not justify working for free every night and throughout my entire weekend.  I have children now. But as much as I would die for them and love them with all of my heart, I miss working in theater and sometimes get a little frustrated that my life is not my own anymore. Now believe me, I do not regret a moment of mommying. Having children was my choice, not theirs. And giving up some of my passions is one of the sacrifices I chose to make.  I just get bitter sometimes, OK???  Geesh, get off my back.


I am still so very tired. The thought of putting things away in my house is killing me. We cannot procrastinate any longer. The move is over and we are back from Texas. We must put our things away. I cannot locate any of my check books or DVD’s. Our house is super clean but that is because we haven’t unpacked anything yet.  It still does not feel like ours and as Alyssa put it, “it feels like we are sleeping over at Grandma’s house for a really long time.”  

We went to this awesome Earth Day fair on Saturday. They had so many cool things to see and do. It was great. The really great thing was the free stuff we got. Momma loves her swag. Magnetic clips, water bottles, pens, pencils, and rulers!!! Yee ha! I love crap to put in my big empty house. 


On Sunday we got back in the game with theme meal Sundays at Abbe’s. Instead of celebrating a country (Mexican, Chinese, etc.) we played Iron Chef and had main ingredient. It was CREAM CHEESE. I made cream cheese, spinach chicken roll ups. They were coated in breadcrumbs and various other items. They were too cream cheesy.

The ladies got me into the HBO show Big Love which I cannot say enough about. What a wonderful show. I am now officially obsessed after watching all 7 episodes….In a row.


On another note, the free Isuzu died and we are searching for a new car on Tuesday. The Chevy was pulled out of semi retirement to take up the slack.  Happy Birthday to the “56 for 50 years of exceptional service to the roads. Happy Birthday Mr. Fat Jack. Love, the Tatum Family.


A big shout out goes to my honey bunny for being such a good bunny to me this weekend and understanding that I was a bitter old lady but I love my life, Thanks to you. Well, you and the kids. J

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