Monday, March 27, 2006

My birthday

So, I turned into a 36 year old woman yesterday. I am in my late thirties. My husband is still in his mid thirties. I am the older woman.

I had a very nice birthday. We went to Abbe’s of course and just chilled. Her family bought me a bird. That’s right, A living animal. A parakeet I have named Stella. STELLLLLLA! She is tiny and meek just like the original Stella in Streetcar named Desire, one of my favorite plays. Abbe’s daughter, Allie is animal nutty. No, I mean it. She is NUT-TEE. They have a virtual Noah’s Ark in their house. She had Stella by their parakeet, Hollywood. Allie was convinced that they were in love and got a little weepy when I took my bird home. Allie is also the young lady that got me my Beta fish, Harry Potter for Christmas. She gives the gift of animal.

Speaking of my fish, they were just about the last things to bring over from the old house. We had gone over everyday to feed them but making the major trip to transport them was a problem. But now they are all home and we are a family! So the old house is being thoroughly cleaned out today. A team of cleaners is coming to do the job. I was a little sad yesterday looking at it. I loved that house. And now my new house is a mountain of boxes waiting to be unpacked.  I did the kitchen this weekend but there are still many, many more to do. 12 more days until Texas!!!

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