Thursday, March 9, 2006

A little family in a big house

We spent our first night in the new house last night. It has not sunk in that this is our house yet. I still feel as though my parents are out of town and we are staying over. That is why it was so important for me to have everything completely different from how they had it. Their living room is now our den where we keep our TV. They had it as a sitting room. We have no TV in their old den at all and we have made it a music/computer/fireplace sitting area. The dogs were over for the first time too. Spooky immediately went upstairs to sniff out any random tidbits to lick. Otis however and his 9 year old 125 lb self tried to go up the stairs but tripped and slid down. The girls screamed hysterically before they realized that he was only on the fourth step. He was more impressed with the backyard anyway. He laid in the weed - made grass and sniffed the flowers.

Other then waking up extremely thirsty it was a great night. The girls slept in their new bedrooms and woke up very silly and happy.  Well, they were happy until I asked Alyssa to brush her hair and Emma couldn’t button her pants. Then it was the normal morning ugliness we have all grown to love and adore. There is still a huge amount of work to do at the old hose and many things to purchase for the old.  You can check out some of them on my Amazon wish list on my side bar --->>>. We are all very tired. We need everything cleaned out and repaired by March 27th.  That is what I will be doing this weekend.  And the next, and sigh… the next.

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