Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Donna Martin Graduates

I saw the funniest T shirt on the web the other day. It said “Donna Martin graduates” It cracked me up. And if it does the same to you then you totally get it and you can be my friend.

If you don’t get it, watch http://www.tv.com/beverly-hills-90210/something-in-the-air/episode/27514/summary.html


 Two years ago Abbe bought me a Von Dutch hat for my birthday and Jeff took it as his own. This was since known as VonDutchgate in Abbe’s eyes. When she gave me the bird she realized that Alyssa really wanted to take it over so she suggested I name the bird, Von Dutch. We laughed about it but in all reality………


I have been sweet talking this bird for three days now. “Hello Stella!” “Stellllllla” “Stelly Stella bird”(all this being said in the highest octave available) Nothing, nothing from the bird but a feather ruffle and a tail nod. Jeff comes home yesterday and says “Hi bird” in his manly voice and the stinkin bird chirps at him. This morning I woke up to find that Jeff replaced the light baby blanket I put over Stella's cage with a thicker Pooh one.

He is so bird whipped.

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