Monday, February 6, 2006

So yesterday was Stinker bell’s birthday. Emma turned 5 and was completely grumped out by 11AM. She wanted to go to her birthday party which isn’t until Tuesday.  She didn’t want to hear that. I did however give her breakfast in bed and a few hours at the park. Two things I never do. When we were leaving the park she went into another grump out and repeated her earlier party request. I had to promise her fun and frolic at Abbes’ house for the Super Bowl party we were going to. Abbe had decorated for Emma’s birthday. She is too awesome! She individually wrapped up 5- 10 fruit roll ups for presents. Emma usually reserves her fruit roll up melt downs for Abbes’ house.  We had a blast at her house. Tons of food. I made this rockin Pampered Chef thing from Stace’s recipe page. Everybody went nutty over it. Abbe also set up a “walk the dog” bar where you have hot dogs or brats and tons of toppings to choose from. It was quite the groovy event.

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daymentedcom said...

Yayyy!  I'm glad it turned out!