Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Moving sucks

We are still in the process of moving. I know what you all thinking. How can this possibly take so long? Well, there are many factors.

  1. We had to wait for my parents to move out.
  2. They had to wait for their house to be finished. (Paint, carpet, tile, etc.)
  3. This all happened this week.
  4. We are what you call “hoarders”
  5. Both of us, my parents and Jeff and I
  6. My parents have accumulated 19 years of crap
  7. We have accumulated 10 years of crap
  8. We like stuff.

It is not even at the point where I don’t want to throw anything away because I do. It is just going through it all to throw it away.  The girls have chosen only 2-3 items each to toss. That is not going to fly. This Thursday my parents have their movers coming. This is it, the biggie. This weekend, I am going to paint the rooms. Alyssa’s will be pink camouflage and blue stripes.??? I know but it is what she wants. Emma just wants pink.  Our bedroom will be grape purple. Jeff and I love color. Whereas my parents would rather paint the walls beige and put up tons of pictures. We are very different. We are going to paint the downstairs bathroom red and put up black and white photos. My mom is going nutsabout it.

Anyway. We are very stressed about it all. We are definitely going to need our trip to Texas in April. All I want for my birthday is to be completely moved in and my house ready to show. I have a month and a half.

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