Monday, February 27, 2006

The balls in our court now as my parents are moved out of the old house and are now officially seniors of the Sun City set


I am now not so much scared but sad to move. This is the house I brought my babies home in. This is the house where I painted Curious George on the nursery wall.

This is our very first house they we saved and scrimped for.


Does anybody have any creative suggestions on how to save the lines on the wall to show how tall the girls had grown? I have been doing it for almost 9 years and it is killing me to get rid of it. Putting butcher paper up and tracing the lines is just not cutting it for me.


sherylxikb said...

Take a picture, that's what we did when we wanted to keep the painted handprints on the walls of our old house. (BTW, everytime I comment here I have to sign up for a new screen name, because I can never remember the old one. By the time I find a new screen name that no one has used, I've spent about 10 minutes on a 10 second comment LOL, so I won't be commmenting anymore, but I am out here reading!)

unwoundrodeo said...

I say take a picture also. You can have it printed to scale relatively cheaply and then wallpaper it, or modgepodge it to a wall and continue the growth chart.
You are so good. I never did that. When we go to Marti's house she still has Jeff and Rick's. That is cool.

lbgintex said...

Cyndi, if it's a door, remove it and take it with you......and if it is acutally on the wall??? Hmmmm.....what the heck...cut it out and take that with you as well!!!