Monday, February 27, 2006

The balls in our court now as my parents are moved out of the old house and are now officially seniors of the Sun City set


I am now not so much scared but sad to move. This is the house I brought my babies home in. This is the house where I painted Curious George on the nursery wall.

This is our very first house they we saved and scrimped for.


Does anybody have any creative suggestions on how to save the lines on the wall to show how tall the girls had grown? I have been doing it for almost 9 years and it is killing me to get rid of it. Putting butcher paper up and tracing the lines is just not cutting it for me.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The Nuge!!

Yee Ha!!! Ted Nugent was filming a VH-1 special at Jeff's store today!!!! Along with Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) Scott Ian(Anthrax) Jeff, Ted Nugent, and Some unidentified man. Jeff had to sign a Release!!! He .may be on the show, whatever it was. Rick can you find out for us?? There is a bigger and better picture here.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

*POP* is not a good sound to hear from your knee.

This is what my mother heard last night walking up the stairs one last time in the “old” house. Of course it was difficult to hear over the sound of her heart pounding because today is moving day, but she heard it, loud and clear. She could not walk on it at all. I was afraid that she tore something. She was afraid she broke something. It turns out that she sprained something and it feels a lot better today. But today they actually have movers in their houses taking their things…….away….away….away. from a big house to a much smaller one. And they are running out of room.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Moving sucks

We are still in the process of moving. I know what you all thinking. How can this possibly take so long? Well, there are many factors.

  1. We had to wait for my parents to move out.
  2. They had to wait for their house to be finished. (Paint, carpet, tile, etc.)
  3. This all happened this week.
  4. We are what you call “hoarders”
  5. Both of us, my parents and Jeff and I
  6. My parents have accumulated 19 years of crap
  7. We have accumulated 10 years of crap
  8. We like stuff.

It is not even at the point where I don’t want to throw anything away because I do. It is just going through it all to throw it away.  The girls have chosen only 2-3 items each to toss. That is not going to fly. This Thursday my parents have their movers coming. This is it, the biggie. This weekend, I am going to paint the rooms. Alyssa’s will be pink camouflage and blue stripes.??? I know but it is what she wants. Emma just wants pink.  Our bedroom will be grape purple. Jeff and I love color. Whereas my parents would rather paint the walls beige and put up tons of pictures. We are very different. We are going to paint the downstairs bathroom red and put up black and white photos. My mom is going nutsabout it.

Anyway. We are very stressed about it all. We are definitely going to need our trip to Texas in April. All I want for my birthday is to be completely moved in and my house ready to show. I have a month and a half.

Monday, February 20, 2006



We started Saturday off with a LONG drive to Pahrump for Jeff’s father, Pat’s memorial. I was very nervous about going because I thought that Jeff’s cousins would give him a hard time about not visiting in 8 years. I was also nervous about seeing people that I did not like in the first place again after 11 years. 

Let me tell you a little about Pahrump. Have you ever watched NASCAR and wonder where the people that watch it religiously come from? Well, that would be Pahrump, Nevada. The tumbleweed of the country. That place is nothing but trailers, brothels, casinos and a Super Wal Mart. Not to sound like a snob but, not my cup of tea.

The memorial was to start at 1PM but since we had not been there in over 8 years we got a little lost, Jeff would not ask for directions so we got there at 1:30 PM  There were about 30-40 other people packed into Bonnie (Pat’s girlfriend) and Pat’s trailer. I must say a very nice trailer. Two years ago they bought a new one and it was really big and nice. It looked like a regular house on the inside. When we arrived, Bonnie shouted out to everyone that Pat’s son was here and about 25 people come up to us and shook our hand telling us what a loss it was for them. Several of them told us that they played cribbage with Pat and their games will not be the same. Some told us about a cowboy shoot that he took part of.

I went over to talk to Jeff’s cousins who I had not seen since our wedding. One of them, Jeanette worked with Jeff and me at the Girl Scout camp and is actually responsible for us getting together in the first place. In the first five minutes of our conversation she told me that her little 5 yr old son was a “mistake” she gave birthto him in the back of a van and is not really sure where her (and I quote) “Husband/boyfriend” is. I asked where the beers were. Jeff’s other cousin took me to the back of her pickup where she was keeping them. There was a man who kept taking pictures of us that kind of freaked me out but he did email me the picture above which I think is an amazing picture of Pat and Bonnie this last Thanksgiving. I will put on a larger one when I get home.

It was a nice memorial and I did break down a little when I spoke to Jeff’s Uncle, Stan. He was Pat’s brother and he told me that we didn’t need to come and that he understood why we were upset with Pat all these years. I truly loved Stan from before and he is the only one that Jeff actually missed. I also teared up a bit when I said goodbye to Bonnie and she grabbed my hand and told me that this was our home too and to not be a stranger.

I can’t tell you if we ever go back. I cannot tell you if we will ever see these people or Bonnie again. I just know that a part of my husband’s life is closed for ever and we can never go back emotionally. I am very happy that Jeff saw Pat in the hospital in his final weeks. I am very happy that he brought pictures of our beautiful little girls for him to see and was even more thrilled when I saw them displayed in their home along with our wedding pictures and a picture of Jeff’s brother and wife and me and Jeff from our wedding day as well. I am very happy that we went.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

I didn't mention it before but my honey bunny delivered roses to me on Tuesday. And as I was driving home I called him and asked him if I should pick something up for the girls. And he said " I already did."




Tuesday, February 14, 2006

10 things that WILL happen in the next 3 months. (Not necessarily in this order.)


  1. We will get a cat
  2. We will paint the new house and move in.
  3. We will travel cross country to East Texas
  4. I will lose at least 10 lbs
  5. I will cry a lot and lay in the fetal position because of this move.
  6. I may rock back and forth while in the fetal position
  7. I will listen quietly as my parents blame each other for the impending divorce caused by their move.
  8. I will find at least one other signature to get my parents properly committed.
  9. I will clean out my car
  10. I will NOT be buying anymore Mary Kay products just to impress the anchorwoman selling it.

Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The story of how I wanted to stick needles in my eyes

or.. Emma's 5th birthday at Chuck E. Cheeses.

It wasn't that bad. Of course my father wanted to climb to the top of the plastic tubes and jump after 13 minutes there. But the party was a rager. Emma and Alyssa got sloshed on fruit punch spiked with Robotussin. Emma danced on the table and flung her Finding Nemo panties and Alyssa passed out by the skee ball.

She got a pretty good haul though. Pictures of the win ding are HERE.

Monday, February 6, 2006

So yesterday was Stinker bell’s birthday. Emma turned 5 and was completely grumped out by 11AM. She wanted to go to her birthday party which isn’t until Tuesday.  She didn’t want to hear that. I did however give her breakfast in bed and a few hours at the park. Two things I never do. When we were leaving the park she went into another grump out and repeated her earlier party request. I had to promise her fun and frolic at Abbes’ house for the Super Bowl party we were going to. Abbe had decorated for Emma’s birthday. She is too awesome! She individually wrapped up 5- 10 fruit roll ups for presents. Emma usually reserves her fruit roll up melt downs for Abbes’ house.  We had a blast at her house. Tons of food. I made this rockin Pampered Chef thing from Stace’s recipe page. Everybody went nutty over it. Abbe also set up a “walk the dog” bar where you have hot dogs or brats and tons of toppings to choose from. It was quite the groovy event.

Saturday, February 4, 2006

My brother is on the "bay" Click here. And my sister in law is on the web!! Click here.