Monday, January 23, 2006

What a hella week. It was the hardest week I have ever had. Not only was it incredibly difficult without Jeff, emotionally and physically for the girls as well as myself. I had my first bad day at work. A bad day where everyone is yelling at everyone else and the pressure of being number one is wiping people out and the scapegoat is me. It may not have been but I took things personally and 99%had absolutely nothing to do with me.

But big Daddy came home last night exhausted. He brought hunting goodies and pins for the girls. He also brought home beef sticks. Kangaroo, Ostrich and Buffalo. He gave some kangaroo to Alyssa. Bad idea. BAD IDEA!!!!!. She read the ingredients, threw up and was hysterically crying for about 10 minutes until we calmed her down and told her it really wasn’t kangaroo. And that it was a joke like on the show Hi-Jinx on Nick @ Nite.  She was so upset! We wouldn’t have given it to her if we knew how she would react. We really should have known better with her being such an animal lover. I’m sure that we will pay for this in therapy in a couple of years  On Saturday we went to Disney on Ice’s Finding Nemo. We had wicked close seats and some of the characters came out to shake hands with the girls. After that we went to a baby shower for a woman I know, Kandace. We then drove home to see that someone had backed in (HARD) to Jeff’s ’56. Really hard and then tore off like a bat out of hell. I called the police but they said that they do not come out if there is no suspect involved. I have to go down to the station to file a report. I also called State Farm and they were very nice but said that I needed a police report too. I was horrified. The fender is fixable but I was so sad. Someone just smashed into his car and left. And let me tell you, you can’t smash into a ‘56 Chevy like that and not be in bad shape. Jeff’s car is a tank, pure metal, no fiberglass on this puppy. The car that hit us was white. I was so afraid to tell Jeff. I mean what can he do about it in Reno except drive home upset and angry. On Sunday he called me to tell me he was leaving and he said that he knew something was wrong by my voice. So I told him. He laughed at me for being so upset. But when he came home last night and saw it he didn’t mention it at all. He was very quiet.

Well, anyway, my baby is home now and we are very happy. Not as happy as Alyssa and Emma who got to be taken to school in an 18 wheeler this morning. Jeff had to take the truck back to the shop today so he dropped the girls off in it. Simple pleasures. Any way, the pictures are here. I will also post shots of my moms new house that I took pictures of during their walk through yesterday. That will be soon.


hifromsheryl said...

Oh poor Alyssa! But those are some interesting beef sticks, I like trying new food.

lbgintex said...

And hey, I'm right there with Alyssa....ewie.....I guess she needs to just pack her bags and come to Grammy on the farm we LOVE ALL animals...she will be so HAPPY!!!
Sorry about your ride Jeff.....sure wish you could get it all "Foosed" up....hmmmm.....who knows??????

stilgigln said...

Oh geez!  That poor child.  Hey, if you need a good shrink, call me.  I've seen enough of them.  ;)