Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Well, mighty me this year is certainly starting off with a bang. My parents have purchased a new home in Sun City. The uppity seniors development here in Vegas. I used to work there as the Special Events Coordinator in 1999.  That was the job where I met and befriended Sandy Hackett, a man disgustingly living off of his father’s name. He had asked me to work for him as the associate producer for his show that would be taking place in the near future. Apparently the money for that fell through and he decided to take the Special Events Coordinator job for himself after I had quit.  Me no likey.

ANYWAY, my parents have decided to move after 18 years in the same home. And have given the 4 bedroom. 3 bath, 2 story pseudo estate to me and my family. Well, we will be taking over the mortgage.  Jeff and I are excited and very scared. We have a lot of crap. No, I mean it, a lot. I am glad that my parent’s house is staying with the family. We have owned it from its baby stage and it means a lot to me. That was the home that I lived in when I met Jeff. The front bedroom window was mine and it is where my beloved would throw rocks until I woke up and went downstairs to make out with him. “Gush” Stace and I really rocked that house our senior year.  She practically lived there with me and we had a lot of fun making home movies there and hanging out.  Hopefully while I am packing I will find those movies and copy them for you Stace.

 I know you remember this:

“I got you something for Valentines Day but it died.”

“Oh what did I get you??? A puppy”

Hopefully she will remember that it was actually a rose.


Anyway, we are excited and scared. We hope to have everything said and done by April when we travel to East Texas. We still have to fix up our house and get it ready to sell. That makes me a little sad too. It was our first house. Built from scratch. We brought our babies home to this house. Emma is very confused about the move. She keeps asking if she has to carry everything over that she wants to keep. I told her that we will put everything in boxes and get big burly men to carry everything over. She also thinks that my parents are moving into our house so she told my mother to watch out for Spooky because he bites.

  1. Spooky has never bitten anyone in his life
  2. We are taking the dogs with us.
  3. She saw the house my parents are moving into and asked my mother where her room will be when she visits.


Their new house is amazing. Beautiful and dramatic. I hope that they will be happy there with the other over 55ers.

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linda7377 said...

I'm telling you this because it is absolutely true.  I am ecstatic that you, Jeff, Alyssa and Emma, Otis and Spooky and the fish are all moving into this house because it is a house that I adore and have been very happy in. I hope you and your family will be extremely happy and healthy here because the fact that you will be in it makes me very happy.
Love, Mom.